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Creating the Perfect CV

The CV is usually the first point of call for potential employers, so make yours stand out from the rest.

Most potential employers will review hundreds of CVs before drafting the interview shortlist. Of course, at Pip Consultancy we ensure that our candidates get more attention because clients are confident that we only submit the best-suited applicants. However, your CV is still important so we have prepared a few tips for you to follow.

  • Presentation: Keep your CV to two sides of A4. On average a potential employer will spend just 15 seconds reviewing a CV before either accepting or rejecting it. Keep it short, informative and concise. Make sure it is well presented and if using a hard-copy use good quality, white paper.
  • Personal Details: Include your name, postal address, telephone and email address. You can also include your DOB, driving licence and nationality if this information is relevant.
  • Work Experience: Most recent first and descending chronologically. Use short sentences and highlight key achievements.
  • Education: List all your academic and professional qualifications with the greatest first and then in descending order. Specify the dates and grades attained.
  • Skills: List all skills including languages, computer skills and training not already mentioned. State your level of proficiency and where applicable the date attained.
  • Hobbies: Add these but keep it brief. You won't get an interview because of your hobbies but they will want to know what makes you tick.
  • References: Don't specify your referees but rather state that the details of these are available upon request. Use reliable sources and ask them first.

Whilst it may seem tedious it is often beneficial to modify your CV for each separate application. This allows you to bring out those qualities and experience that are relevant to each vacancy and that will interest the employer.

Remember that your CV is the first thing a potential employer will see and it will have seconds to impress. At Pip Consultancy we can not only help you prepare your CV, but because we recommend you the employer is aware of your potential before they even receive it. This will ensure that you get more consideration than other applicants and are therefore more likely to get an interview.